Name of the association: “ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA”

The headquarter of the Association: ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA is in Bucharest, Şos.Vitan – Bârzeşti Street no.7D, bl.2, sc.B, ap.252, sector 4, Romania.

The Club is a member of the Romanian Chinological Association and respects its regulations;

The club may have secondary offices, subsidiaries, etc., in the county, country or abroad;

The club’s stamp has a round shape with the inscription “ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA” and will contain the club logo (a Bulldog breed dog.)

President: Alina – Delioara MUNTEANU


Our Club aims to promote, protect and develop the Bulldog breed. In order to ensure and achieve the above mentioned goal, the club:

a). The collective interests of its members arise;

b). Advises its members on issues of breeding, breeding, canine care and other quinological issues, in compliance with the legal provisions in force;

c). He maintains connections and carries out various arrangements with other associations or clubs in the country or abroad;

d). Provides its members with the official standards of the breed;

e). Organizes seminars on growth, health, standard and exhibition handling;

f). It organizes quinological exhibitions, under the conditions imposed by the mandatory provisions of art. 8 (a) of O.U.G no. 55/2002 on the regime of possession of dangerous or aggressive dogs;

g). Encourages the participation of its members in various cynological manifestations;

h). Uses all the possibilities and resources to promote and stimulate people’s love for racing dogs in general and bulldogs in particular;

i). Advises to purchase and sell dogs belonging to the Bulldog breed, in compliance with the provisions of art. 8 (a) and (d) of O.U.G. no. 55/2002;

j). Develops and strengthens the club by obtaining sponsorship or other club activities;

k). Publish some materials (magazines, books, views, calendars, etc.) with and about the Bulldog;

it). Provides its members: regulations on breeding and planning of canine reproduction, regulations for specific exhibition and sports competitions, as well as the normative acts in force governing the holding, breeding and sale of dogs of race;

m). Provides information on valuable reproductive specimens, papers of origin and outstanding competition results to improve the breed;

n). It leads to ethical and sporting behavior;

The duration of the association

ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA was established indefinitely.

Membership is obtained on the basis of a standard request, which can be obtained from the club’s secretariat. For persons under 16, the application must be signed by the legal representative. In the case of persons between 16 and 18 years, the application will be signed personally, but with the written consent of the legal representative. Members of the club can not become members of the club who only pursue gains through the purchase, sale of dogs or through the intermediation of such transactions, as well as members of other unrecognized associations of F.C.I.

Members – rights and obligations

Members of the Association “ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA” may be both natural persons and legal persons who agree with the state’s provisions and understand that through their own activity they contribute and support the achievement of the purpose and objectives of the association.


a – founding members – the persons who participated in the establishment of the association and appear as such in the documents for its legal registration.

b – active members – persons registered in the association and possessing at least one Bulldog dog registered on a Book of Origin recognized by the International Chinological Federation.

c – supporting members – persons registered in the association who do not own a dog or who own a dog but not a Bulldog breed and who wish to support the Association “ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA” by paying the annual fee. They can become active members when they come into possession of a Bulldog dog registered on a Book of Origin recognized by the International Chinological Federation.

Members’ rights and obligations

The rights of members are:

a). Receive a membership card;

b). To receive support and counseling in specific quinological problems or not Bulldog race;

c). To take part in all club activities;

d). To be rewarded for outstanding merits;

e). To have access to club regulations;

f). To participate in conferences, seminars and club meetings;

g). To attend meetings where decisions are made on their work as members;

h). Take advantage of the assembly recommendations made by the Association;

i). Be promptly and correctly notified of any activity or action of the Association.

Members’ obligations are:

a). Respect the club’s Statutes and regulations and comply with their provisions;

b). Support the aspirations and efforts of the club;

c). To carry out the decisions of the Board of Directors of the association as well as the tasks entrusted to them, and take them personally, seriously and in due time;

d). To pay in due time the established taxes and fees;

e). To practice dog breeding and care with seriousness and good faith, in accordance with club regulations and to protect them with care and love;

f). Do not accept unstretched assemblies by ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA;

g). Declare all the chicks that are born;

h). To declare and submit in order to annul the acts of deceased dogs;

i). To guard the club from any sort of personal conflicts and conflicts;

j). Contribute to the management of the headquarters and the facilities;

k). Not to use membership in actions that harm the club’s activity;

it). Let the Board of Directors announce in writing any issues that may affect the image of the association so that it can be discussed at the first meeting of the Board of Directors.

Rewards and sanctions

The members of the association as well as the persons who, through the results of their work, contributed to the achievement of the goals of the association, at the proposal of the Board of Directors, can receive the following rewards:

  1. Verbal thanks to the General Assembly of the “ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA” Association;
  2. Diplomas, cups, plaques and badges;
  3. Prizes in objects, food and accessories for dogs;
  4. Enrollment in the Honorary Book of the Association and Honorary Member Title.

The violation by the members of the association of the provisions of this Statute, of the Internal Regulations and of the obligations resulting from the membership is a disciplinary offense which is sanctioned with one of the following disciplinary sanctions:

  1. Warning;
  2. Written mourning;
  3. Suspension of limited membership;
  4. Exclusion from “ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA” Association. The permanent exclusion penalty in the “ENGLISH BULLDOG CLUB ROMANIA” Association can be taken only by the General Assembly on the proposal of the Board of Directors.
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