Our mission

Dear friends and lovers of the Bulldog breed,

We are pleased to announce that starting this year, our beloved race is represented in Romania by the Club “English Bulldog Club Romania”, established by the Final Decision no.22 / 02.02.2018 of the 4th District Court of Bucharest, registered in the Register Associations and Foundations pursuant to Ordinance 26/2000, becoming a full member of the AChR, by decision.

The mission of the Club and its members is to promote the Bulldog breed in Romania to organize seminars where breed lovers and supporters of this breed are properly informed about the correct standard, support breeders and owners, organize exhibitions of club in accordance with the FCI standard.
Of course, any initiative of breeders and owners, members of the club, to support projects beneficial to the breed will be encouraged and supported at CLUB level as well.
We thank all those involved in setting up this CLUB for sustained effort, encouragement and determination.

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